Our company is situated, in Grinzing, the north-western of Vienna and it’s on the edge of many vineyards. The Grinzinger Gartenidylle stands out because of the numerous vineyards, the wine taverns, the many Villas with their wonderful gardens and the Vienna forest, which reaches near to our company.

Grinzigan was the first documentary evidence of Grinzing and dates back to the year 1114.

These days the majority of the population consisted of winemakers and day labourers. A lot of prominent people have or had their residence there. Many of them died and buried there in the Grinzinger graveyard. For example: Gustav Mahler, Alma Mahler-Werfel, Attila Hörbiger, Paula Wessely, Peter Alexander, Heimito von Doderer, Ida Krottendorf und Thomas Bernhard.

The place developed well in spite of numerous drawbacks and was considered as an independent community until 1892. From 1795 to 1822 more and more houses were constructed and until 1890 the population increased to 1.421 people and 209 houses.

The oldest parts of our house were built in 1870, where the Grinzinger Gartenidylle was a typical agricultural operation; with a front yard, a small watercourse next to the street and an inner court yard with a vineyard. The first reconstruction phase took place in 1892. A cosy breakfast room and a lounge were created. Another single-story house was built three years later across the courtyard.

The shed hovel and the stable were rebuilt in 1905, resulting in a wonderful building which sheltered a carriage house, the winepress with an adjacent winery and a drying room.

My parents bought the ground in 1954 and renovated this place tenderly with much personal engagement. Encouraged by the beautiful location they decided to rent their rooms to vacationers. They operated the business successfully until my father’s death in 2007.

In 2009 I decided, after careful consideration to continue the family business. After a gentle renovation, there are now 4 comfortable rooms, each with a private terrace or balcony available and one room is additionally equipped with a small kitchen.

Since 2012, free Wi-Fi access provided for our guests and since 2013 the Grinzinger Gartenidylle hosts a new lounge with a library.

I look forward to greet some of the early regular guests in our house and I gained some new lovely guests in the last five years.

G. Burghardt