Infos & Services

To reach the wonderful sights of Vienna, use the beneficial public transports of the Wiener Linien.

Furthermore we can recommend the: Vienna Card - you have more than 210 discounts and you can use the public transports for free. The Vienna Card is available for 72 hours and costs only 19,90 Euros.

The online guidebook offers some nice impulse for excursions in Vienna. You obtain exact information´s about and addresses, so you could plan unburdened a wonderful day. Die online guidebook offers a lot of activities for any tastefulness.

The Vienna state opera house was one of the first gorgeous buildings on the then Ringstraße. Today it offers diverse programs of operas and ballet performances. Additionally it offers guidance’s to get a view behind the wonderful scenery’s.

The online ticket office offers you the possibility to book plays, opera performances or musicals your election in advance. On this stage you could reserve the tickets and you get furthermore the possibility of an election about your seats. Besides you do not have any stress because of this easy and straightforward reservation.

Vienna disposes of over 100 museums, major assemblages of international standings and also little and curious ones. For that reason come and visit some of the famous Vienna exhibitions and discover the fascinating history from another perspective.

Discover and benefit from the diversity of the Vienna shopping streets and markets. These 85 shopping streets and 8 markets invites you to go shopping or just go window shopping.

To orient oneself in Vienna with his 5800 locals we would like to recommend you a pub leader. He finds wanted pubs or restaurants, advises you suitable to the season meeting places and suggests to new ideas of discovery.


To get a little insight into the wonderful city Vienna we will recommend the webcam with a view over Vienna.

You can choose between a few standpoints, where you can enjoy pictures and live screens. This camera shows famous places of Vienna for example: the Donauinsel, the Vienna water tower, the Reichsbrücke or the Kahlenberg.