Discover Vienna

Some sights:

The Hofburg

From the beginning of the 13th century till 1918 the Hofburg was the imperial residence of the Habsburgs
Since 1945 the building is the residence for the Federal President.
You can experience from the art collections, cafés, restaurants and further more!


St. Stephens Cathedral, is a landmark of Vienna and Austria’s most famous gothic building.
The cathedral houses several art treasures which can partially only be visited as part of a guided tour.
Climb the 343 steps that lead to the Türmerstube and enjoy the beautiful view over Vienna


Theophil Hansen was urbanist in Vienna from 1873 to 1883.
and built the well-known Parliament in its unique greek architecture.
The famous Pallas-Athene-fountain in front of the building is a construction by Karl Kundmann and other people.
Today it is the seat of the National Assembly and Federal Council.

Schloss Schönbrunn

Visit Schloss Schönbrunn the former residence of empress Sisi.
The baroque arrangment attracts you with wonderful parkways, palmhouse, the Gloriette and the oldest zoo in the world.


The Albertina impresses you with magnum opus from Picasso to Baselitz.
masterpieces like Dürer’s "Feldhase" and Klimts Frauenstudie. The new public collection makes timeless pieces of arts from Picasso to Baselitz available for everybody.
The Albertina is situated at the last Basteimauer in Vienna and south the top of the Hofburg.


The Vienna state opera offers you a multifaceted program like opera and ballet.
Be enchanted by the performances!
This state opera counts to one of the premiere addresses in the world when it comes to top productions of the highest quality.